Chair of the Department
Associate Professor

Deputy Chair of the Department
Associate Professor

Department Assembly

Τhe Collective Body of the Department is composed of the following members:

  • Ιnterim President: Konstantinos Konstantopoulos, Associate Professor
  • Interim Vice President: Efstathios Selimis, Associate Professor
  • Member: Maria Andreou, Assistant Professor
  • Member: Evangelia-Antonia (Eva) Eustratiadou, Assistant Professor
  • Member: Travlos Antonios, Professor
  • Member: Vasileios Karamatsos, EDIP Representative
  • Secretary of the Assembly: Eleni Spyropoulou, Administrative and Accounting Staff – Deputy Secretary of the Assembly: Anastasios Dionysopoulos, Administrative and Accounting Staff
Student Representatives for the Academic Year 2023-2024

Eugenios Sylas, First-cycle Student with substitute representative Ms. Christina-Maria Alavanou, First-cycle Student.

Laboratory Management E.K.E.L.A.F.O.

The laboratory is directed by a member of the Academic and Research Staff of the Department of Speech and Language Therapy and is elected for a three-year term

Laboratory Director

Konstantinos Konstantopoulos, Associate Professor

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