University of Peloponnese

Department of Speech Therapy

School of Health Sciences

Our Department

The Department of Speech Therapy at the University of Peloponnese was established in 2009 (former Technological Educational Institution of Kalamata, FEK 44/vol. A/12-03- 2009). It is now one of the three speech therapy departments in higher education in Greece. It offers a four-year academic program with approximately 100 enrolled students each academic year.

The academic program implements a modern curriculum that consists of:

a) Foundation courses from the fields of Linguistics, Medicine, Psychology and Special Education.

b) Specialization courses, including speech disorders, voice disorders, swallowing disorders, hearing disorders, and new technology courses.

The curriculum was developed by a working group of academic teachers. It incorporated the latest developments in the field of science, the observations of professionals in the field, and the experience from similar departments in Greece and abroad. In addition to the theoretical part, the curriculum includes mandatory clinical practice, intership carried out in kindergartens, primary schools, special needs schools, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and the speech therapy clinic of the University of Peloponnese based in Kalamata.

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